Managing global supply chains

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1. Cycle inventory is used to ...

  • provide for transit.
  • allow economic production and purchase.
  • cover anticipated changes in demand/supply.
  • protect against uncertainties.
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2. An advantage of offshoring is ...

  • all of these.
  • less stringent regulatory controls in offshore regions.
  • lower costs.
  • emergence of clusters.

3. Issues to consider with warehouses include ...

  • Owned by single firm vs variety of firms.
  • manufacturing strategy (make-to-stock vs make-to-order).
  • all of these.
  • Internal warehouses vs outside distributor.

4. Challenges with implementing sustainability into supply chain include ...

  • all of these.
  • Small firms have limited resources and low response rate to supply chain pressures.
  • high costs in complexity of communication in supply chain.
  • poor supplier commitment.

5. Logistics are important because ...

  • of their role in strategic and operational decisions.
  • to integrate with marketing, information systems and finance.
  • both of these.
  • none of these.


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