Managing global supply chains

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1. Cross-docking ...

  • requires fast and responsive transport system.
  • all of these.
  • requires high start-up investment and is difficult to manage.
  • combines inventory from multiple origins into pre-specified assortment for specific customer.
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2. Inventory turnover ...

  • compares annual sales with amount of average inventory held throughout year.
  • shows that a higher turnover lowers the firm's inventory costs.
  • all of these.
  • is used to measure a firm's performance in inventory management,

3. Decisions crucial to supply base optimisation are :

  • warehouse vs distribution centre, total number of suppliers, spend analysis.
  • spend analysis, total number of suppliers, single vs multiple suppliers.
  • total number of suppliers, single vs multiple suppliers, warehouse vs distribution centre.
  • spend analysis, total number of suppliers, demand monitoring.

4. Which of the following is incorrect about Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)?

  • Used to determine how much the firm should order.
  • It must be calculated for each SKU.
  • It is used for dependent demand items.
  • It aims to find the order quantity that minimises total cost of managing inventory.

5. Which of these is true about transportation economics?

  • expedited shipping costs less per mile than regular shipping.
  • longer distances cost more per kilo.
  • larger shipments and full truckloads cost less per kilo.
  • longer distances cost more per mile.


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