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2. how is ralph initally described?

  • red hair and blue eyes
  • pink and fat
  • golden hair, golden body
  • long black hair

3. who is the first to die in the lord of the flies?

  • Ralph
  • Piggy
  • the boy with the birthmark on his face
  • Simon

4. How does Ralph call the boys for a meeting

  • he shouts for them
  • he blows into the conch
  • he sends them a text

5. how does the first character die?

  • Dies in a fire
  • Drowns
  • is hunted by the boys



Thanks for this. It helps highlight areas of weaknesses.


Thankyou. Very useful and thorough :)

Paul Dutton

A really thorough quiz with a variety of useful questions.

Ishani Dutta

Very useful. It helps to recap key events of the novel. Thank you.


sam and eric are called Samneric becasue they look the same or something and the boys cant tell the diffrence Q11

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