Loftus and Palmer

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1. The method lacked ecological validity because..

  • The participants weren't put into groups randomly.
  • The participants were expecting to see video clips.
  • It lacked control.
  • The participants were deceived.
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2. Name the two verbs used in Experiment 2.

  • Smashed, contacted
  • Smashed, hit
  • Bumped, contacted
  • Collided, contacted

3. Name the main aim of this experiment.

  • Investigating the effect of non-leading questions on a witness after the event.
  • Investigating the effect of info supplied after the event and leading questions on a witness's memory.
  • Investigating students' speed estimates.
  • Investigating the speed of cars.

4. How many clips of traffic accidents were the participants shown in Experiment 1?

  • 9
  • 7
  • 5
  • 6

5. Describe the sample who took part in the first experiment.

  • 150 students from the University of Washington.
  • Random people from Washington.
  • 45 students from the University of Washington.
  • 45 people.


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