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2. What is Myles Jones lecture 1 about?

  • Measurements of blood oxygenation and oxygen consumption
  • Cerebral Blood Flow and Psychology
  • fMRI
  • Anterior Cerebral Artery

3. What's cerebral blood flow got to do with psychology?

  • It understands why neuroimaging techniques are important for psychologists
  • It understands the limitations of techniques and what they actually measure
  • 'Blood very likely may rush to each region of the cortex according as it is most active, but of this we know nothing.' - William James (1890) - One of the first psychologists was interested in it! But it's more important today!
  • It is the branch of neuroscience that studies the biological foundations of mental phenomena

4. Cerebral Blood Flow - ...% of the body's mass but consumes approximately ...% of the body's energy

  • 2; 20
  • 14; 2
  • 11; 58
  • 20 ; 13

5. What are the three Cerebral Artery's

  • Anterior; Middle; Posterior
  • Cortex; Region; Active
  • Branch; foundation; mental


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