Law A2 Murder Cases

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Gibbins and Proctor
Childs father and girlfriend failed to feed him, starved to death. Murder had a duty because of a relationship
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Stone and Dobinson
Elderly sister came to live with the defendant. Ill and died. Manslaughter as they had a duty which had been taken on voluntarily
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Squatter accidentally started a fire. Left the room and slept in another - no attempt to stop the fire. Guilty of arson. A duty which arises because the defendant has set in motion a chain of events.
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Attorney-General's Reference (No 3 of 1994)
D stabbed his girlfriend who was pregnant. She recovered but it caused her to give birth prematurely (7 weeks after stabbing). Baby died at 4 months as a result of premature birth - D charged with murder, judge said the foetus was not a RCB
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D used his pregnant girlfriend as a shield while he shot at armed policemen. Girlfriend was killed. Manslaughter - not have died 'but for' him using her as a shield.
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D put cyanide in his mothers drink intending to kill her. Died of a heart attack before she could drink it. D did not cause her death. Guilty of attempted murder.
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Young woman was stabbed by the D. Needed a blood transfusion but refused because she was a JW. Died and the D convicted of her murder. Thin Skull Rule - take your victim as you find them.
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Two soldiers had a fight and one was stabbed. Carried to a medical centre - dropped on the way, at the centre gave him artificial respiration by pressing his chest - made injury worse and he died. attacker still guilty of murder. Chain of Causation.
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D shot the victim in thigh and the stomach. Had trouble breathing - given a tracheotomy. Died from complications. D still liable. Chain of Causation
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V stabbed in stomach. Treated in hospital making a good recovery. Given antibiotics - suffered an allergic reaction to it. Given it again in a larger dose - died from the reaction. Action of the doctor were held to be an intervening act.
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Girl jumped from a car in order to escape from sexual advances. Car travelling at 20-40 mph. Injured and D (car driver) was held liable. As he caused her to act in a foreseeable way.
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Hitch-hiker jumped from Williams car and died from head injuries. His actions were not foreseeable.
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Broke into the cellar of a sweet shop. Knew old lady who ran the shop was deaf. Old lady came into the cellar and saw him, he hit her several times. She died as a result. Intended GBH held guilty of murder
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D hit V over the head with a stool. V died from head injuries. D claimed that he did not intend life threatening injuries. HofL held an intention to cause really serious harm was sufficient for the mens rea of murder.
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D & his stepfather had drunk a lot at a party. Drunk they had been seeing who was the fastest at loading and firing a gun. D loaded the gun & his stepfather said he hadn’t ‘got the guts’ . D said ‘I didn’t aim' convicted of murder appeal manslaughter
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Hancock and Shankland
Ds miners on strike trying to prevent another miner from going to work in a taxi. Dropped a concrete block from a bridge - went through the windscreen and killed the driver. Convicted of murder
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D had a grudge against a woman, Pored paraffin through the letterbox and set it alight. Child died, D convicted for murder, quashed to manslaughter
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D threw his three month old baby towards his pram which was against a wall some 3 feet away. Baby suffered head injuries and died. Ruled that the consequence must be a virtual certainty and D must realise this.
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Matthews & Alleyne
D threw V into the middle of a wide river from a bridge. V couldn't swim and told them, they left before seeing if he was ok. V drowned. Death was virtually certain. Held murder.
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D aimed a blow with a belt at a man in a pub after the man had attacked him. Belt bounced off the man's face and hit a woman. D guilty of an assault against the woman - transferred malice
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D tried to push his way into a queue. A 72yr old man told him off, D punched him, he staggered backward into a 82yr old. Woman injured and days later died, D convicted of unlawful act manslaughter.
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Gnango and another man known as 'Bandana Man' shot at each other. BM hit an innocent passerby and killed her. Gnango convicted of murder. The supreme court said that in agreeing to the shoot out, attempting to murder BM and also A&A BM to kill him
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Thabo Meli
Man was mugged by a group of men who thought they killed him. (mens rea) then threw him over a cliff - he later died (actus reus)
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D was a soldier on duty at checkpoint in N Ireland when a stolen car came towards him at speed, D fired at the car, final shot after they had passed him with this shot he killed the pack passenger. not self defence and his force was excessive -murde
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Martin (Anthony)
2 burglars entered Ds house, noise woke D, got up ans shot three shots into the dark without warning killing a burger, Convicted of murder reduced to manslaughter for diminished responsibility
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D mother of V. V injured & taken to hospital, during the journey he fell out of the ambulance he suffered head injures. Leaving him needing long term care. Consultant said he could live independently D wanted to 'put him out of misery' killed him.
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Airedale NHS Trust V Bland
NHS given permission to stop feeding a man in a vegetative state for over three years. Not guilty of murder.
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R (on the application of purdy) V DPP
Mrs Purdy suffered MS. She knew she would deteriorate and wanted to be able to travel somewhere were assisted suicides were legal. Need her husband to help her travel, wanted to know if this would make him guilty? DPP had to issue guidance.
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Stone and Dobinson


Elderly sister came to live with the defendant. Ill and died. Manslaughter as they had a duty which had been taken on voluntarily

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Attorney-General's Reference (No 3 of 1994)


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