Kennedy's Foreign Policy

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'Ich Bin Ein Berliner' speech
June 1963
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Vienna Summit
June 1961 = tense relations btw US and USSR
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Over 2 million East Germans escaped to West Germany in btw ____ and ____
1949 and 1958
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Berlin wall put up
August 1961
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Cuba was a...
socialist country
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what did Castro do that annoyed the US?
nationalised hundreds of American businesses
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What did Eisenhower do?
Failed to address Cuba at first then organised the Bay of Pigs Invasion
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Castro had humiliated the US by...
travelling to a UN meeting and meeting with Khrushchev, Nasser, Indian Premier Nehru and Malcolm X. - Comments on racism and poverty
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Bay of Pigs Invasion
April 1961
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Failure of Bay of Pigs Invasion made Khrushchev think...
Kennedy was naive - confirmed when Kennedy did not take action over Berlin Wall
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Soviet missiles placed on Cuba by ______ ____
October 1962
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ExComm established
16th October 1962
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Kennedy opposed the Soviets with...
a naval blockade to stop Soviet ships getting to Cuba - Khrushchev halted ships just in time.
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(Cuban missile crisis) Khrushchev offered...
to remove missiles from Cuba and promised not to invade Cuba
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(Cuban missile crisis) Khrushchev also asked Kennedy to...
Remove US missiles from Turkey
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Cuban missile crisis solution...
Khrushchev removed Soviet missiles from Cuba and Kennedy promised not to invade Cuba and to remove US missiles from Turkey.
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Results of Cuban missile crisis...
Soviets humiliated. Hotline established between Washington and Moscow - August 1963. Partial Nuclear Test Ban treaty - August 1963.
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Berlin Wall put up ______ ____
August 1961
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Kennedy continued involvement in Vietnam because...
believed in Domino Theory and Containment, Vietnam = Cold War arena, did not want to 'lose' Vietnam, urged to continue by military and advisors (Robert McNamara and Dean Rusk)
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Kennedy administration becoming frustrated by Diem because...
Diem rejected US advice to introduce social, economic and political reforms. Diem persecuted Buddhists. Diem expelled US journalists from Vietnam.
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Diem's policy of 'Agravilles'...
uprooting people from villages caused resentment
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Vietnamese military coup attempted
Nov 1960
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Ho Chi Minh's Trail...
reactivated by North Vietnamese
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Solution to Vietnam...
CIA did not notify Diem about military coup, Diem deposed and executed.
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Results of Diem's death...
S. Vietnam left vulnerable to a new, weaker leader or perhaps radicalisation by N. Vietnamese. Difficult legacy for LBJ
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Alliance for Progress
1961 = K proposed to loan Latin American countries $20 billion to promote democracy, social reforms and increased land ownership
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Peace Corps
Sent young Americans across world to do charitable work = soft power and promoting US as a positive influence.
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June 1961 = tense relations btw US and USSR


Vienna Summit

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1949 and 1958


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August 1961


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socialist country


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