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Secondary Storage
used to back-up and take copies of data, they are non-volatile and are expensive
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coping files so they are preserved if the computer breaks or crashes
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Virtual memory
It increases the amount of memory on a computer
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Online storage
allows you to upload and store files, so you can access it everywhere
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all parts of the computer that you can physically touch
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all of the programs and other operating information in a computer
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System software
any software that manages and controls the hardware
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Application software
software which allows the computer to be applied to a particular problem
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input device
hardware used to enter data n to the computer e.g. keyboard
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output device
hardware used to display the result of a data process
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General purpose computer
a computer designed to perform in an efficient manner
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storage device
any device at stores data
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Read-only-memory: permanent memory that wont be lost in a power cut, it is non-volatile
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Random-access-memory: memory that can be read or written on, volatile RAMs content it lost when the power is cut, where as non-volatile RAM stores content even when the power is cut
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a collection of computer devices interconnected together
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local area network (LAN)
a group of computers connected together within a single building
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Wide area network (WAN)
accessing data from all around the world
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Bus network
all devices are connected by a cable, signals are sent along the cable
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Star network
a central point that connects all devices on the network
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ring network
all workstations are connected in a closed loop configuration
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metal wires
offer high transmission speed, types: shielded twisted pair, unshielded twisted pair non-metal cable
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fibre optic cables
data being processed is encoded as pulse of light though thin glass fibres
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allows people to connect to the internet or LAN without a wire
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high speed of transmission, where large amount of data is transmitted
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a collection of facts and data
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systems life cycle
the process of developing a new computer software
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operating system
core system that allows a computer to run as a useful device
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user interface
allows the user to interact with the computer system
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a chip on the circuit board that controls everything, it processes all of the data
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stages of the systems life cycle
definition, investigation, design, implementation, testing, installation, documentation, evaluation, maintenance
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what is coding data?
Usually means shortening original data, often by taking out some letters. eg: monday = mon
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why do we code data?
speeding up data entry, increases accuracy of data entry, use of validation, less storage space is required, you can search for data faster
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what are the problems with coding data?
Coarsening of data (in the process data can be lost), coding can make the data obscure
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advantages of coding data...
Data entry can be faster More accurate, Validation can further improve accuracy, Less storage space, Faster searching for data, Coded data more secure if people don’t understand what it means
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disadvantages of coding data...
Coarsening of data, Meaning can be obscured, Value judgements difficult to code, If people don’t know code can slow data entry, If codes complicated can be entered incorrectly, Code combinations can run out
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Propriety software
Proprietary software or closed source software is computer software licensed to a copyright holder.
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Open Source software
Software that has been developed by volunteer programmers with the intention of distributing the software free of charge.
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Hosted Applications
Instead of purchasing and installing software applications, users are now using hosted applications.
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A collection of data or information which is held together in a logical and organised manner
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flat file database
A database whereby all your data and information is stored in one large table.
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Relational database
A database whereby the data is split into useful/separate tables or groups. Once a database and its tables have been set up, you can link the tables together causing what's known as a relationship between the two tables.
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Data Redundancy
Data redundancy in a database means that the same data is present in more than one table. Or in the case of a flat file database, there are records with partly duplicated data.
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mail merge
They use a process called mail merge. This is where you write one letter or document which you then use as a template. Where data needs to be inserted for names and address you instead insert a merge field. This merge field is linked to a field in th
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purposes of mail merge
Send personalised letters to customers/clients, Print address labels for envelopes, Posting/sending out school reports to parents, Adding names to degree certificates, Printing exam result slips, Sending promotional material to customers.
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benefits of mail merge
Much quicker than writing individual letters/documents, More professional, Customers like the individual/personalised touch, Easier to proof read, Easier to edit and make changes, Reduces the risk of errors, Documents can be reused.
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Electronic Mail,Users are now able to send electronic messages which contain text and images to other people who have an email address. You can also add and send attachments.
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advantages of email
File attachments can be sent, Messages sent and received instantly, Open 24/7, Low cost or free, People don’t have to be present to receive mail,
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disadvantages of email
Spam, You and the recipient need to have email addresses, People changing email addresses, Attachments can contain viruses, You may have to wait a long time for a reply, Hackers, Email scams.
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The sale of goods and services over electronic systems (i.e. the internet)
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Security & Payment
ways to protect data =Encryption- personal information is scrambled up by a secret code and unscrambled by the shop computer Secure Site- a website using encryption will be a secure site, you can tell a secure site by https in the address bar and th
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machines at home that contain micro-compressors
microwave ovens washing machine dishwashers central heating boilers
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coping files so they are preserved if the computer breaks or crashes



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It increases the amount of memory on a computer


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allows you to upload and store files, so you can access it everywhere


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all parts of the computer that you can physically touch


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