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1. what is the definition of: Weber's view that in modern society, rational planning and calculation are steadily replacing tradition emotion and mystery and magic

  • rationalisation
  • geographical mobility
  • rationality
  • disenchantment
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2. what is the definition of capitalism

  • a social system which systematically benefits males over females
  • a group of protestants who followed the teachings of a preacher called calvin
  • is an economic system which encourages the pursuit of profit by legal means
  • ideas that support and justify male domination of society

3. What method did weber use in his study of the link between calvinism and capitalism

  • interview
  • content analysis
  • comparative method
  • questionnaire

4. Who said for capatilsim to develop it requires the right economic conditions and the right values

  • Berger
  • Marx
  • Weber
  • Calvin

5. who believed that calvinist beliefs helped bring capitalism to western europe: predestination, asceticism vocation or calling

  • Weber
  • Berger
  • Marx
  • Calvin


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