Institutional Aggression

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1. What did McCorkle et al find?

  • Overcrowding, lack of privacy and meanifuly activity all significantly influenced peer violence
  • Increases levels of space didnt increase level of violent incidents
  • Best indicator of violence among juvenile offenders was pre-institutional violence regardless of nay situational factors
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2. Why is Harer & Steffeinmeiser (2006) influential?

  • It was conducted in a large prison
  • They used a reliable method
  • The patterns they found reflected US society
  • It is a quite recent study

3. What did Huff (1998) find?

  • Gang members in US were x10 more likely to commit a murder and x3 more likely to assault someone in public that non-gang counterparts
  • Gang members were no more likely to commit violent acts
  • Gang members committed more violent acts but had less murders

4. What did Poole & Regoli (1983)

  • Best indicator of violence was those who go less yard time
  • Best indicator of violence was pre-institutional violence, not situational
  • Best indicator of violence was more than 2 people in one cell

5. What did Allender & Marcell (2003) find?

  • pre-prison gang membership correlated to a decrease in prison violence
  • Street gang member offend at high level than counterparts
  • No link between pre-prison gang membership and prison misconduct


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