Institutional Aggression

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1. What did Nijman et al (1999) find?

  • Increased levels of personal space didn't actually decrease the level of violent incidents - conditions inst cause of aggression
  • Very strong correlation between personal space and aggression
  • Only link was increased level of luxuries led to decreased aggression
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2. What did Allender & Marcell (2003) study?

  • Correlation between pre-prison gang membership and prison misconduct
  • Deprivation model
  • Link between height and prison misconduct

3. What did Wilson (2010) find?

  • No link between deprivation and aggression
  • Moving prisoners to rooms with a window, lowered temperature and radio led to decresed violence
  • Putting inmates in very very small rooms reduced aggression

4. Why is Harer & Steffeinmeiser (2006) influential?

  • The patterns they found reflected US society
  • It was conducted in a large prison
  • They used a reliable method
  • It is a quite recent study

5. What does the Deprivation Model suggest?

  • Don't Know
  • Conditions in insutution e..g crowding, lack of luxuries, increased fear and lack of freedom leads to aggressive behaviour
  • Going on a hunger strike and depriving yourself of food leads to aggression
  • Importing you outside aggression leads to you being aggressive in prison


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