Institutional Aggression

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1. What did Harer & Steffeninmeiser (2006) find?

  • Race and violence had no link
  • White inmates had a higher rate of violence but black had a high rate of alcholo and drug abuse
  • Black inmated had higher signficant rates of violence but lower rates of alcohol and drug related conduct than white inmates
  • Nothing significant
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2. What did DeLisi et al (2006) find?

  • Inmates with prior street gang membership were no more likely to engage in violence than other inmates
  • There was a strong link between pre-prison gang membership and prison violence
  • The only reason why there was prison violence was due to deprivation of luxuries

3. What did Paterline & Peterson (1999)

  • E-L Model
  • Importation Model
  • Deprivation Model
  • Hovland-Yale Model

4. Is DeLisi et al (2006) support or opposition for the importation model?

  • Opposition
  • Support

5. What does Jiang & Fischer Giorlando (2002) suggest?

  • Deprivation explains violence against prison staff and importation explain violence against inmates
  • Deprivation explains violence against inmates and importation explains violence against prison staff
  • Both thoeries are incorrect as they do not supply efficient evidence


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