Identifying Ions

Identifying anions and cations.

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1. What is the test for calcium ions?

  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Add nitric acid, then silver nitrate
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Ammonium chloride
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2. I put a piece of metal in a flame and it turns orange. What metal is it?

  • Calcium
  • Barium
  • Sodium
  • Lithium

3. What happens when you put NaOH into Aluminum Chloride?

  • Cream precipitate
  • White gelatinous precipitate
  • Moss-green gelatinous precipitate
  • White cloudy precipitate suspended in solution

4. What happens if you add hydrochloric acid to calcium carbonate and test the gas given off?

  • Limewater turns cloudy
  • I hear a squeaky pop
  • Glowing splint relights
  • Damp litmus paper turns red, then white

5. What substance gives a red precipitate when added to NaOH?

  • Ammonium
  • Iron II
  • Iron III
  • Aluminium


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