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what does GIGO mean?
garbage in garbage out
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what is DATA?
raw facts and figures e.g. survey facts
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what does processing mean?
processing means performing calculations or arranging data into a meaningful order.
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what does transaction mean?
a piece of business e.g. an order or purchase
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what is information?
data that has been processes by the computer.
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what does knowledge mean?
knowledge is obtained from information by applying rules to it.
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why is data coded?
1. coded data is quicker to type. 2. easier to check 3. quicker to send data over a network
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when is data not fit for purpose?
when there's too few items of data or the data collected is not correct
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when is data innacurate?
when there is some data missing or there are mistakes
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when is data bias?
when a certain answer has been prompted
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give 4 of the advantages of using ICT to store data?
less storage space is needed, easily transferred, easily copied and fast access
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give 4 of the disadvantages of using ICT to store data?
personal data can be stolen, training is needed, reliance on networks, copying owners loose money when data is copied
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What are the problems when processing inaccurate data?
incorrect decisions mean loss of money, takes a lot of time to sort out mistakes
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what is validation?
data validation is a check performed by a computer program during entry of data. it ensures that data is suitable
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what are the 5 tyoes of validation checks?
format checks, type checks, range check, presence check, check digits
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what is a format check?
format checks are performed on codes to make sure they have the right combinations of characters
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what is a type check?
a type check checks that the data being entered is the same type as the data type specification
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what is a check digits?
check digits are digits that are added to important numbers such as account numbers, it is used to check numbers have been entered correctly.
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what is a presence check?
presence check checks that data has been entered into a field.
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what is a range check?
range checks are performed on numbers. they check that the numbers are entered within a certain range.
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how can errors in data occur?
transcription and transmission
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what is transcription?
using the wrong form, keyboard errors and mistakes in formulas.
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what is transmission?
when data is corrupted as it travels through wires
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what is verification?
data verification means checking that data being entered matches the source of dat
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whata re the other methods of validation?
hash totals and batch totals
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what is a hash total?
meaning less totals used for a check
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what is a batch total?
totals that have a meaning and are used for a check
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what is DATA?


raw facts and figures e.g. survey facts

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what does processing mean?


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what does transaction mean?


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what is information?


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