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What is spellcheck?
Spellcheck is a word processor that compares the words in a document to a dictionary. After using spellcheck you still have to visually ckeck the documents because it won't pick up on mistakes such as: "he" instead of "the" because "he" is a word.
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How is a thesaurus useful?
The thesaurus feature is useful because it ensures that a variety of words can be used in a sentence. You can highlight a word and look at a list of synonyms.
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What is mail merge?
Mail merge involves combining a list of e.g names and addresses with a standard letter so that a series of similar letters can be produced.
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What is the definition of 'Style Sheet'?
Style sheet is a document that sets out fonts, font sizes for headings and sub-headings. If a change is made in the style sheet all the documents will change automatically.
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What do templates contain?
Templates are designs that are ready-made. They already contain page layout, font types and special formatting.
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What are headers and footers?
Header: Text placed at the top of a document. Footer: Text placed at the bottom of a document.
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What are the main buttons for justifying/aligning text?
Align left, align right, centre and fully justified.
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What are font styles used for?
Highlighting certain words and drawing attention.
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Do you know the reason for using CSV files?
Yes, CSV files can be used by lots of different packages so it's possible to read the file using different software. This kind of flexibility means that it can be used by different people.
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Define 'Tabulation'.
Tabulation means to arrange information in a tabular form.
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What are borders used for?
Borders can be used to add more emphasis on a word, section of text, paragraph or table. Clip art usually includes a selection of picture borders.
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How can images be manipulated?
They can be resized, rotated, mirror imaged and cropped.
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What do Autoshapes include?
They include lines, basic shapes, stars and banners. You can also have flowchart symbols and even block arrows.
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What word is used to describe a very light image used as a background?
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What do the initials RSI stand for?
Repetitive Strain Injury.
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How is RSI caused and how can you prevent it?
RSI is caused by typing at a fast speed and/or using a mouse for a long period of time. To prevent RSI you could buy a wrist rest, get training on how to type correctly or adjust your chair to the correct seating position for yourself.
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What causes stress?
Stress is caused by a heavy work load, losing work or even worrying about using new technology can cause stress as well!
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How to prevent stress?
In order to prevent stress being correctly trained and designing an easy software to use is advised.
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Why do people get eye strain?
Eye strain is caused when there is glare or dirt on the screen. It can also be caused by using the screen for long periods of times.
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How to prevent eye strain?
Take brakes and keep the screen clean. Using blinds to avoid glare also helps.
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Back ache is a painful condition. Do you know how it's caused?
Working in cramped conditions and having incorrect posture causes the health hazard. It is easily prevented by using an ajustable chair and sitting up straight. Lining up the computer screen also helps.
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Define 'Ergonomics'.
Ergonomics is applied science concerned with designing things people use so they can interact efficiently and safely.
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What does G.I.G.O stand for and mean?
G.I.G.O stands for garbage in, garbage out. It means that if you put rubbish in to the computer you'll get rubbish out.
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State three kinds of data.
Numbers, words, images, sound and video.
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What is knowledge?
Knowledge is derived from information by applying rules.
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What is meant by 'encoding data'?
Encoding data means putting data into code and reducing it's size.
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What is a transcription error?
Errors that are introduced when transferring data from a form or mishearing someone.
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What is a transposition error?
Errors that are made when typing quickly. More often than not it involves mixing letters and numbers in the wrong order.
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How is a thesaurus useful?


The thesaurus feature is useful because it ensures that a variety of words can be used in a sentence. You can highlight a word and look at a list of synonyms.

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What is mail merge?


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