What is the CPU?
Central processing unit- responsible for running the computer programmes and responding to user input
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Name 5 input devices
Mice, Keyboards, Joysticks, Scanners, and Microphones
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Name 5 output devices
Printers, Speakers, Graph plotters, Microfilm and VDU's
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What does RAM mean?
RAM is temporary memory- It is memory which can be read from or written to
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What is volatile RAM?
Volatile RAM keeps its contents only while power is supplied to it, when power has cut off all of the data stored will be lost
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What is non-volatile RAM?
Non-volatile RAM needs power to change its contents, but data is not lost when power has cut off
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What does ROM mean?
ROM is permanent memory and contains the instructions that enable the operating system to be loaded into the computers memory from the backing storage
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What are hard disks?
Hard disks are rigid circular plates that have been magnetised and each hard drive usually contains several disks stacked on top of each other
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What are optical disks?
Optical disks store digital data as pits on the surface of a reflective disc
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What are the four main types of optical disk?
CD-ROMs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVD
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What is flash memory?
Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory which can be used to store gigabites of data, and are often used in memory sticks and memory cards
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What is the operating system?
The operating system is the software that enables applications and the rest of the computer system to work
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What is data capture?
Data capture is the way that information is first gathered and put on a computer system
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What are the processes of data capturing?
Information has to be recorded and the converted into a form suitable for use with the computer system AND data has to be entered onto the computer using a input device
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Methods of data capturing
Manual methods- Obtaining data via data-capture forms and questionnaires (school registers) Automatic data capturing- Collecting data from sensors, bar code readers and scanners
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Advantages towards automatic data capturing
- Faster and more accurate than manual systems
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Advantages towards manual data capturing
- Cheaper (less hardware is needed to carry this out)
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What do data capture forms need to be like?
- Simple - Useful - Accurate - Careful design
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What is the system life cycle?
The system life cycle is a summary of what needs to be done in a system
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What are the problems of existing systems?
- Might be problems with the manual system when introducing a computerized system
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What is system testing?
System testing checks whether or not the system will work, tests are carried out to see if the design has worked
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Types of testing
- System testing - Acceptance testing
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What is direct implementation?
Direct implementation is when the old system is decommissioned and the new system started up at the same time
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Advantage of direct implementation
- Happens as quickly as possible
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Disadvantage of direct implementation
- Some bugs may not be detected and could have large bad effects
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What is phased implementation?
Phased implementation is when the different parts of the computer system are introduced one at a time, the old system continues to run aswell
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Advantage of phased implementation
- System has time to be fully tested so fewer problems should occur
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Disadvantage of phased implementation
- Can take a long time to introduce the system so the benefits take a long time
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What is parallel implementation?
Parrallel implementation is when the new system is introduced all in one go but the old system continues to run whilst the new one is being tested
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Advantage of parallel implementation
- New system can be tested very quickly so problems can be quickly sorted out
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Disadvantage of parallel implementation
- All tasks need to be done twice
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