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what are the leisure activitys including tec?
bluetooth films,streaming films,downloadfing films
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On the move tec ?
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factors to consider when buying tec ?
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types of flash memory ?
SD card,USB falsh memory micro SD cards
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advantages of flash memory?
doesnt lose data,no moving parts to lose,transfer data easily
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the sizes of processors ?
1 byte,1kilobyte,1megabyte,1 gigabyte, 1 terabyte
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Name some input devices?
scanners,keyboard,game controller,webcam,microphone
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name of output devices?
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what is bluetooth?
bluetooth is a tecnology allowing devices to comunivcate with each other wirelesly
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What is synchronising?
When 2 devices such as media player and a computer are connected they can automatically exchange data
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What are the core functions of a mobile phone ?
allow people to make voice calls and send short sms messages
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What are the functions on a multifunctional phone ?
entertainment,data strorage,camera and GPS
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Name some security on a mobile phone ?
pin,lock sim card and restricted bluetooth usage
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name some responible issues of a mobile phone?
recycling old phones,not using mobile phone when driving or not sending bullying messages
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who would use a mobile phone ?
teenagers,business man , older people or a partially sighted person
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Name some peripheral devices ?
docking station,hands free kit,bluetooth or wi-fi speakers
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what does RAM do?
let the computer sopport more applications
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What are the health risks with computers?
eye strain,RSI,neck and back problems or pain in the knees and legs
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what are the advantages with tablet computers?
very light and portible,battery powered,touch screen and bluetooth-wifi-3G
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what are the advantages of desktop computers ?
Need imput and output perripherals,have to have a hard disk drives
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what are the key features of a music player?
easy to carry, long battery life and simple interfaces
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what are the advantage of streaming ?
Saver time and user doesnt have to wait for the file to play
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What are the disadvantages of streaming ?
can't keep a local copy for viewsing offline
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what are the health risks of gaming consoles ?
overuse injuries , obesity , muscle and joint problems and eye strian
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why do people use GPS ?
get traffis reports and finds specific routes or convinienses
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what tecnologyies incorporated in education ?
interactive whiteboards,ebooks and apps for smartphone
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what are ways of securing wireless neworks ?
Encription,media access controll and service set identifier
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what is latency ?
is the time in miliseconds between bit leaving one device and arriving at the other
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what is bandwidth ?
it is the number of bits which can go throught the network connection in 1 second
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what are the disadvantages of wifi ?
hackers set up fake wifi hotspots putter users details at risk
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what are the disadvantages of mobile broadband ?
you have to pay and it is limited downloads
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name some physical security risks ?
chains and locks , swipe card and cctv
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name some online communcation ?
blogs,social network and email
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what are the types of personal spaces ?
blogs , forums , personal websites and online photo albums
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what is the data protection act ?
to keep secure ,not to ask for more data than necessary
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what are the advantages of online shopping ?
24/7 avalibility , images provided by product and reviews of the product
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disadvantages with online shopping for customer ?
cannot pay using cash,risk of not recieving goods and need internet access
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what is viral maketing ?
the content goes viral and spreads quickly
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how to tell a website is secure ?
change in the adress bar colour , the url changes from http to https and a padlock sybol
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disadvantages of online storage ?
need internet to acess the info , online storage could be unreliable and less controll of your data
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what are the security issues ?
physing , viruses , bluejacking and hackers
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what are the threats to privicy ?
search enjines , identity theft and spyware
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what are the ways of monitoring people on the internet ?
online gaming , passports , email services . IP adresses and geo location infomation
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what impacts can unequal acess to internet cause ?
some poeple wouldn't be able to acess the infomation which others on the internet would have
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On the move tec ?



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