HSC level 3 unit 1 revision

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1. what happens to the arteries when the heart changes

  • I don't know
  • artery walls narrow
  • artery walls change shape
  • artery walls widen
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2. why is this an issue

  • blood becomes thicker
  • blood doesn't pass through as easily
  • too much blood passes through
  • I dont know

3. How does this change when an individual ages

  • The body stops producing them
  • The quantity decreases
  • The quantity increases
  • I don't know

4. what is cardiovascular disease

  • I don't know
  • problems with the heart
  • problems with cardio
  • problems with the lungs

5. How can individuals improve heart function

  • move to an urban area
  • balanced diet and exercise
  • move to a rural area
  • I don't know


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