horse industry

part of the industry based on use, possession or ownership of horses
core activities
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suppliers of horse related goods and services
suppliers to the core
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wild ancerstor or the horse
equus ferus
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time spent grazing a day
16 hours
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how do they live?
social groups
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measurment used for horses
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any sex of horse under 1 year of age
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female under 4 years of age
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young uncastrated male
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entire female
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castrated male
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entrie male
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life expectancy range
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oeustrus cycle
seasonally polyoestrus
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gestation length
11 months
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when are young weaned?
after 6 months
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thoroughbred height and weight
15-17 hands, 4005-650kg
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arabs height and weight
14-16 hand, 350-550kg
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shire, suffolk punch, cleveland bay, clydesdale and percheron height and weight
16-19 hands, 650-1100kg
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Trakehner, odlenburg, dutch warblood, hanovarian height and weight
14.2-17.2 hands, 400-650kg
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ponie height and weight
under 14.2, 200-550kg
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any animals after uly 31st 2009 are required to have a microchip as official indentification, must be valid for moevement, treatments, slaughter for human consumption and sale
horse passport scheme
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these need grassland management, shelter, water supply, secure fencing, 1 acre per horse but can cause problems such as obesity and laminitis
grass kept horses
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you do this to control exercise or food intake, protect wet or overgrazed pastures, protect from heat, flies, cold and bad weather and to monitor wellbeing and assist convalescence
housed horses
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minimum loose box size
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minimum foaling box size
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this housing type has individuals tables but shared air space, social interaction is possible, disease transmission can occur but is a nice environment for staff
american barn
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this should be at 50-70%
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this should be at -5-25 with no sudden fluctuations
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horse teeth
continuously erupting 3mm/yr
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teeth for grinding
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teeth for grazing
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horses shoudl consume equicalen of...
1.5-2.5% of body weight per day
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horses should be vaccinated against
equine influenza, tetanus, herpes and viral arteritis
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this should be odne every 6-8 weeks
trimming or shoeing
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foal are born ??? (able to run within a few hours)
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oesturc cycle
21 days
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oesutrs, receptivity
4-5 days
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dioestrus, unreceptive
16-17 days
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racehorses official birthday
1st january
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foals are entirely dependent on...
immune cells from colostrum
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horses have???vision
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theses are a fixed size
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tighten once on to allow better control
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thesea have an additional bitin the mouth
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suppliers of horse related goods and services


suppliers to the core

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wild ancerstor or the horse


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time spent grazing a day


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how do they live?


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