Henry VII

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how did henry argue his claim to the throne was not weak
killing richard 3 at bosworth = sign of god, indicated he would let those who support him prosper, making him a popular practical option
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how was henry marrying elizabeth of york advantageous
allows henry to claim the throne from the yorkist and teh lancastrian side, effectiveley ending the war of the roses,
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what barriers were there to the marriage of henry and liz
distant relatives, so needed a papal dispensation, children of ed iv made illegitimate due to richard instigating the fact that he had been pre-contracted to Lady Eleanor Butler
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what signalled henry vi's insecurity at the early stage of his reign
the burning of the Act of Bastardisation
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2 reasons henrys marriage was successful
smaller family then woodvilles, so not too much patronage,liz gave birth to lots of children
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in what ways did henry create a 'new monarchy'
movement towards more tyrannical kingship,, tighter financial control and tighter control over the nobility
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how did the war of the roses alter the social structure
demonstrated kings could not rely on the nobility, who were suppose to communicate the concerns of locals
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how were spies used in the buildup to battle
gain knowledge of the enemies position, strength and proposed tactics
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what was an impact of the common use of spies before battle
counter-espionage, false trails of information, e.g clarence and warwicks rebellion sent out letters purportedly from his spies, giving false positions, henry vii used to keep informed of cornish rebels
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how did keep well informed over foreign courts
placing resident ambassadors in foreign courts, english used their only held french city, calais, as a base for espionage, useful when mobilising a spy network to gain info on socts, france.
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why did henry want to invade the court of margaret of burgundy
heavily allied with yorkists due to being sister of richard 3, wanted to gain info over potential plots against his throne
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how was the tudor regime innovative in using spies
use of ciphers, introduced by katherine of aragon, placing greater deal of financial pressure on teh nobility
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how did henry control the nobility
bonds and recognaisance = financial forms of coercion
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what did the use of bonds potentially indicate
henry distreusted the nobility and sought to control through fear rather than cooperation
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what were bonds
payments to the crown form the nobility in return either for priveleges or as fines, which were imposed upon those whos loyalty to the king was dubious
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how did henry ensure that there was financial coercion
bonds could be repayed in monthly payments if said noble could not afford, such as Lord Abergavenny paid 500 per year rather than 70k
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what did the use of binds result in
a constant threat to any who may indulge in criminal activity or secrecy
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who was edmund dudley
key in bonds and recognisances, effectively allowed henry to operate outside the law in order to punis h nobility without a trial
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what illustrated his unpopuularity
arrested and set to the tower of london days after henry's death and beheaded
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in what way were the days of the overmighty noble and weak king over
henry's smaller family meant he was more careful with how he distributed patronage, henry harshly punished any noble with any involment in treason, either by executing or removing all posessions
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what was lovell's rebellion of 1486
led by francis, viscount lovell, a close associate of richard 3.fled hen's first parliament as fought against him at bosworth. conspired to raise rebellion in yorkshire and midlands area
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how was lovells rebellion insignificant
not backed by major northern landowners, conspirators fled to the court of margaret, the dowager duchess of burgundy.
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what was the conspiracy of lambert simnel and the earl of lincoln
boy claimed to be edward earl of warwick, in reality kid from humble origins. Supported by diehard yorkists trying to cause trouble for henry vii. Similar support in ireland opportunistic with the backing of Thomas Fitzgerald, reflecting dissatisfact
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how did henry deal with simnel
paraded the real edward of warwick through the streets to prove he was in henry's custody. however backfired when the earl of lincoln claimed him to be the real warwick. lincoln then went to margaret of burgundy, who gave her suport for simnel
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how did lincoln further the conspiracy
sailed to ireland with lovell and a group of german mercenaries, crowned the pretender as ed 6 in dublin, minted coins with his face on them
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where did henry defend his realm in 1487
battle of stoke, aided by strong positioning and archers and the ill equipped nature of the irish. lincoln and simnel captured, lovell escaped
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why is their room to imply this uprising was significant
received backing by two north english magnates (scropes family), the fact that it led to battle implies significance
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what was teh conspiracy of warbeck and sir william stanley
warbeck was visiting ireland, and persuaded by the irish to impersonate richard of york, the younger of the 2 princes in the tower. backed by charles vii of france, who wished to distract hen 7 from defending brittany. backed by margaret of burgundy
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how was the uprising undermined
charles vii withdrawing his support due to the treaty signed by him and hen 7
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how did henry infiltrate the rebellion
sir robert cliffard, an original supporter of warbeck leaked info to the king, suspected to be a double agent. several senior figures were persecuted, including william stanley
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why was it difficult to to trust the stanley's
ambiguous loyalties demonstrated with the battle of bosworth
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why was th ebetrayal of stanley sig
position of chamberlain, helpfulness @ bosworth, strong military power, so henry had to execute him
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how and why did james i support perkin
eager to oprove military capabilities, warbeck promised the border town of Berwick if their invasion was successful. james arranged the marriage of warbeck to lady katherine gordon. gave english rebels falkland palace as base
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why was their invasion unsuccessful
warbeck had little english support, james forced back by english troops.
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how did henry retaliate
began to prepare a large invasion force for scotland
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how was henry's invasion delayed
cornish rebellion required military attention
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how did domestic threat impact henry scottish policy
reopened peace negotiations with james, james was married to henry's daughter. therefore, james sent warbeck to ireland as he was a diplomatic obstacle
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who was margaret of burgundy
sister of ed iv and richard iii. married the duke of burgundy in 1468. important allies of the yorkists as key market of exporting wool/textiles
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how was margaret impacting the king
refusing to recognise him as king, provided support for any opponents of his, e.g lovell and the earl of lincoln, perkin warbeck.
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how was margaret's plottings undermined by henry
infiltration of her court led to the execution of senior figures in english court, such as sir william stanley.
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how did henry attempt to limit the impact of mag
placing a trade embargo on the netherlands, yet backfired as netherlands was main market, adn blocking trade led to riots from the unemployed
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how did henry create a trade alliance with mag
'Magnus Intercursus' obliged mag to bring her political manouvering to an end
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what was the yorkshire rebellion of 1489
hen 7 wanted to fund the defence of brittany,so needed tax. Henry percy was sent to encourage people to pay their taxes, got lynched
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why were people of yorkshire particularly mad
more involved in the wars then the rest of the country, resent for tudor regime as strong supp for rich 3
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why was the murder of percy sign
break down of law and order = hen 7 is a liar, left power vaccum, undermines power of hen
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how did the rebels further the rebellion
fought under sir john egremont against the kings 'evil councilors' to protect their rights.
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how did the rebellion crumble
hen 7 accompanied earl of surrey to suppress, rebels fled, some ringleaders hanged, egremont found refuge with mag of burgundy
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why was the rebellion significant
limited military ambitions as couldnt tax the north
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what was the cornish rebellion of 1497
cornish mad about being taxed for war as they were insignificant, rebels marhced to somerset, gaining support from lord audley, a big man from somerset.
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why did the rebellion fail
unable to gain support from bristol
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impact of the rebellion
proved domestic threats to reign of hen, demonstrated remaining loyalty to yorkists
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allows henry to claim the throne from the yorkist and teh lancastrian side, effectiveley ending the war of the roses,


how was henry marrying elizabeth of york advantageous

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distant relatives, so needed a papal dispensation, children of ed iv made illegitimate due to richard instigating the fact that he had been pre-contracted to Lady Eleanor Butler


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the burning of the Act of Bastardisation


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smaller family then woodvilles, so not too much patronage,liz gave birth to lots of children


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