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2. What is it called when you are referred to a care service by a family member or friend?

  • Emotional referral
  • Third-Party referral
  • Professional referral
  • Self referral

3. Mr and Mrs Smith go to a GP, and are declined the service because they are gypsies. What legislation has been broken?

  • Equality act
  • Human rights act
  • Mental health act
  • Disability act

4. What is the age range for childhood?

  • 10-18
  • 4-9
  • 9 months
  • 0-3

5. Define Non-Discriminatory care.

  • Everone should recieve a service of equal quality that meets their needs.
  • Everyone should recieve the same care as everyone else.
  • Hospitals should care for people regarding the severity of their issues.
  • Patients should be treated regarding the time they have been waiting for treatment.




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