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2. Which of these are an example of Hard Engineering?

  • Gabions
  • Living shoreline barrier
  • Reprofiling
  • Beach Nourishment

3. Which of these are an example of Soft Engineering?

  • Gabions
  • Groynes
  • Sea walls
  • Rock Armour

4. Which of these are true about constructive waves?

  • They have a stronger backwash than swash.
  • They have a short wave length and are high and steep.
  • They break on the shore and deposit material, building up beaches.
  • They tend to erode the coast.

5. What is Hydraulic Action?

  • The rock being worn away by the waves and air.
  • When rocks are hurled.
  • When rocks dissolve in water
  • Rocks repeatedly knock into each other getting smaller and smaller.


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