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What is an aquifer?
A permeable or porous rock which stores water.
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What is a channel flow?
The water flowing in a rivulet, stream or river contained within the banks.
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What is a closed system?
A sequence of linked processes with a transfer of energy but not matter between parts of the system.
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What is the cryosphere?
Describes the set of all locations on Earth where water is found in solid form, including areas of snow, sea ice, glaciers, permafrost, ice sheets and icebergs.
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What is a deficit?
Where a resource is less than the necessary amount.
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What is a drainage basin?
The area of land drained by a river and its tributaries. Drainage basins are separated by a ridge of high land called a watershed.
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What is economic water security?
Occurs when water resources are available but there is insufficient capital to access the water to meet demand.
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What is evapotranspiration?
Combined loss of water to the atmosphere via the processes of evaporation and transpiration.
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What is a flux?
The flow or flowing of a liquid.
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What is fossil water?
Water that has been contained and undisturbed for millennia. There is no significant recharge therefore it is a non-renewable source.
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What is the global water budget?
The amount of water transferred and stored in the Earth's hydrological cycle each year.
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What is hard engineering?
Often hi-tech and high-cost engineering schemes such as dams or the Thames Barrier.
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What is hydrological drought?
Occurs when there is insufficient soil moisture to meet the needs of vegetation at a particular time.
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What is infiltration?
The movement of water vertically downwards through the spaces (pores) in the soil.
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What is interception?
The process by which raindrops are prevented from falling directly onto the ground by leaves, branches, twigs of vegetation.
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What is a monsoon?
A seasonal prevailing wind which causes wet and dry seasons in many sub-tropical areas.
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What is an open system?
A sequence of linked processes with inputs and outputs, including transfers of energy and matter to and from other systems.
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Definition of orographic?
Relating to mountains, orographic uplift is when the uplift of an air mass, because of an orographic obstruction, causes the cooling of the air mass. If enough cooling takes place, condensation can occur and form into orographic precipitation
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What is percolation?
A process similar to infiltration but travelling through rock surfaces towards the water table.
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What is permafrost?
Zone of permanently frozen water found in high latitude soils and sediments.
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What is permeability?
A measure of the ability of soil, sediments and rock to transport water horizontally and vertically. It depends on the porosity of what the water is flowing through. Some rocks like granite have very poor permeability, while rocks like shale are actu
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What is physical water scarcity?
Occurs when there is a physical lack of available freshwater resources to meet demand due to over-abstraction by agriculture, industry and domestic activity.
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What is porosity?
A surface that allows water to pass through it, such as sand.
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What is precipitation?
Any form of water falling from the sky
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What is relief?
The range of topographic elevation within a specific area.
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What is resilience?
Ability to recover from or adjust easily to an event or change.
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What is a river regime?
The pattern of river discharge over a year; usually there are seasonal variations.
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What is runoff?
Water (from rain, snowmelt or other sources) that flows over the land surface; can be due to soil saturation.
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What is saltwater encroachment?
Where saline water beings to find its way into freshwater aquifers, especially near coastal aquifers which run low, allowing salt water to seep back in and cause contamination.
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What is saturated overland flow?
Occurs when the soil becomes saturated, and any additional precipitation causes runoff.
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What is a storm hydrograph?
Shows change in a river's discharge at a given point on a river over a short period of time (usually before, during and after a storm)
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What is a water budget?
The annual balance between inputs (precipitation) and outputs (evapotranspiration and channel flow) at a place.
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What is water security?
The capacity of a population to safeguard sustainable access to adequate quantities of acceptable quality water.
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What is water stress?
When the demand for water exceeds the available amount during a certain period.
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What is a channel flow?


The water flowing in a rivulet, stream or river contained within the banks.

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