gdr ; dev state 61-85 ; gdr / frg relations ; relax travel restrictions / communication growth

key FRG priority was to reduce what about berlin wall?
human cost
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what was the first development made at christmas '63?
wberliners 24hr passes to visit eberlin freidns + fam
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from '64 GDR allowed who to visit wberlin + FRG?
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tho simply because?
SED didn;t care if they returend
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not considered economically productive
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what was unfortunate for SED?
majority di return
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wberliners could visit gdr for up to how many days a year?
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often crossing pt friedrichstrasse rail station where so many emotional meets were it became known as?
'the palace of tears'
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in '71 communication became easier when what happened?
telephone lines restored e/wberlin
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by '88 over how many calls a yr being exchanged?
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honecker also agreed who were allowed to visit GDR w/o being prosecuted?
those guilty of flight from the republic
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how many motorways from FRG to GDR?
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and how many train routes?
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westerners often checked at security pts w/ hwat being taken off them?
weestern papers
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and mirrors placed under vehicle to check for?
ppl tryna escape
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what did SED hope about family and friend links?
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but didn't bc many in egermany wanted closer contact and acces to?
western currency
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SED made it difficult for egermans to do what?
visit west
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apart from who it was rlly hard to get permit?
sports competetors
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when personal visit allowed usually because?
family emergency
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and how many could travel
jus one
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if individual failed to return to GDR what would happen to fambly?
stasi interrogations / restriction on careers
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amount currency westerners needed to exchange into GDR currency for entry visa doubled when?
nov '73
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in line with which two things?
growing fear of west / abgrenzung
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nos visiting eberlin fell by what fraction in '74?
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further increase in money followed when?
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as response to FRG allowing NATO to do what?
deploy nukes w/in territory
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travel clearly going to increase what was the probelm for SED w/ situation?
how to ctril it
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at best SED could hope deal w/ foreign how?
putting them off
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before '83 how many egermans applied for emigration to FRG + were refused?
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often resulting in?
stasi interference / discrimination / imprisonment
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GDR began to allow restricted emigration in?
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how many ppl permitted to leave?
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and most of them were/
believed potential opps to regime
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in other words rather than acknowledgement of freedom to travel this was simply what?
avenue of political ctrl
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what was the first development made at christmas '63?


wberliners 24hr passes to visit eberlin freidns + fam

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from '64 GDR allowed who to visit wberlin + FRG?


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tho simply because?


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