French-What are you doing at the weekend?

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What are you doing this weekend?
Qu'est-ce que tu fais ce week-end?
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Saturday morning
samedi matin
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Saturday afternoon
samedi apres-midi
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Saturday evening
samedi soir
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I am going out.
Moi, je soirs.
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I don't know.
Je ne sais pas.
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I am doing my home work.
Je fais mes devoirs.
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I am watching football on tv.
Je regarde le foot a la tele.
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I am doing the shopping.
Je fais les courses.
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I am going out with friends.
Je sors avec des copains.
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I am going to see...
Je vais voir...
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Generally, at the weekend
En general, le week-end...
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we go out
on sort
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we go...
on va...
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we do...
on fait...
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we sleep
on dort
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Card 2


Saturday morning


samedi matin

Card 3


Saturday afternoon


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Card 4


Saturday evening


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Card 5


I am going out.


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