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1. At the theatre, if you sit 'à l'orchestre', where are you sitting?

  • The front rom
  • The orchestra seats
  • In the stalls
  • On the balcony
  • Standing up
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2. What is 'un auteur'?

  • A librarian
  • A character
  • A Roman
  • An author
  • A poet

3. When you say 'c'est vraiment embêtant' what are you saying? (roughly)

  • It's truely brilliant
  • It's truely boring
  • It's truely fabulous
  • It's truely amazing
  • It's truely entertaining

4. What does 'ne t'en fais pas' mean?

  • I don't understand
  • That's fine
  • I don't mind
  • Don't worry
  • It doesn't matter

5. What is 'un arbitre'?

  • A referee
  • A saxophone player
  • A hockey player
  • A baseball player
  • A drummer




A useful little multi-tool  resource that will teach you some useful words and phrases related to free time activities. Great for expanding your vocabulary.

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