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2. Which of these nuclei is the satiety centre?

  • Dorsomedial nucleus
  • Ventromedial nucleus
  • Arcuate nucleus
  • Paraventricular nucleus

3. Which of these statements is false?

  • Visceral fat contains perirenal depots
  • Bone marrow adipose tissue increases in the presence of anorexia or calorie restriction
  • Brown adipose tissue is for energy storage and leptin production
  • The ventromedial nucleus increases thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue

4. Ghrelin does NOT cause the following

  • Decreased neuropeptide Y production
  • Increased agouti-related peptide production
  • Stimulation of the arcuate nucleus
  • Decreased POMC production

5. Which of these statements is true?

  • NPY reduces intake of high energy foods
  • NPY is released from the ventromedial nucleus
  • NPY reduces thermogenesis
  • NPY increases when AgRP decreases


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