Eyewitness Testimony

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What is eyewitness testimony?
legal term for the use of eyewitnesses or ear witnesses to give evidence in court concerning the identity of someone who committed a crime
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why is research into EWT so important?
Delvin report '73 / Wells et al '98
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leading questions
a question that leads a person to the desired answer
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leading questions key study
loftus and palmer -laboratory experiment: 45 students. shown 7 films of different traffic accidents .questionnaire asked. changed verbs smashed (40.8) collided (39.3) bumped (38.1) hit (34) contacted (31.8)
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role of misleading information
loftus and palmer 2nd experiment -Did you see any broken glass?
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weapon focus effect
identified my loftus and palmer - less accurate when weapon present
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yuille and cutshall
interviewed 13 people who had witnessed armed robbery in Canada. 4 months after. 2 misleading questions-still accurate recall. suggesting post-event information may not effect memory in real life
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a package of knowledge based on past experiences, which enable us to make sense of familiar situations and aid the interpretation of new information
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5 ways which schema might lead to re-constructive memory
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Anxiety negativity affects accuracy of EWT
Loftus and Burns - violent film of boy shot in face less accurate than those shown non -violent version/ Deffenbacher et al - meta analysis of studies - Yerkes dodson law
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Anxiety enhances affects accuracy of EWT
Yuille and Cutshall / Christianson and Hubinette -questioned 110 witnesses who had witnessed genuine bank robberies -victims had more accurate recall than onlookers
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Age of witness
Poole and lindsay- science demonstration
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factors affecting accuracy of childrens EWT
Encoding -Storage - Retrieval -own age bias
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why is research into EWT so important?


Delvin report '73 / Wells et al '98

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leading questions


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leading questions key study


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role of misleading information


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