Externalities, merit and demerit goods and public, quasi public and private goods

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1. Which of these is an example of a quasi public good?

  • A bottle of tropicana juice
  • Toll roads
  • Street light
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2. Negative externalities result in?

  • Overproduction
  • Underproduction

3. What is a merit good?

  • Merit goods have more private benefits than consumers actually realise
  • Merit goods, their consumption is more harmful than consumers realise.

4. Merit goods are?

  • Under produced and under consumed
  • Over produced and over consumed

5. If the market does NOT take negative externalities into account the result is that the socially efficient output is ______ than the current output.

  • Less
  • More




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This 10 question quiz can be used to provide a brief respite from intensive reading and highlight areas for further study.





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