Exam Terms

A quiz on defining exam terms. There are a total of 23 exam terms to define. Suitable for all levels of learning.

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1. Summarise

  • Level of agreement, points for and against
  • Identify and present main points
  • Link chain of events
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2. State

  • Consider and rule on significance
  • Precise, clear summary
  • Defend an explanation
  • List and describe main points

3. Interpret

  • Judge against other explanations
  • Clarify with examples
  • Translate into clearer meaning
  • List, describe explanations

4. Describe

  • Give complete overview
  • Provide clear reasons why
  • Investigate, consider flaws in argument
  • Weigh up, judge explanations, summarise

5. Define

  • Discuss differences
  • Give precise, detailed meaning
  • Express opinions, agreement, disagreement
  • Cover views for and against, argue opinion


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