Evolutionary explanation to gender

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1. Why are the females domestic gathers?

  • They are too fragile and aren't strong enough to hunt.
  • Spend most of their life pregnant or producing milk, so if they hunted it would reduce reproduction.
  • They wouldn't have time to hunt.
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2. What does the cross cultural study show?

  • That everyone is picky
  • That traits are universal
  • That attitudes are equal around the world

3. Why do males look for certain things in females?

  • So they can mate with as many as they can to increase reproductive success
  • So they can have sex with as many females and be called a lad
  • So the can mate to show dominance in front of other males

4. What is formed around the results from the E-S theory

  • Gender bias
  • Gender roles
  • Gender attitudes

5. Why do females look for certain things in males?

  • To provide for her and their offspring
  • So she can have all the gifts she wants
  • To have his money when he dies


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