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what do roman catholics & evangelical christians think about sex outside of marriage?
disagree with all forms of sex outside of marriage.
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what do some christians think about sex outside of marriage?
is okay if they love each other, in a long term relationship and committed to each other.
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what do christians think about sex?
sex is an act of love and commitment and should only take place in a marriage.
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types of artificial contraception?
condom, femidom, pill, vasectomy, implant, sterilisation
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types of natural contraception?
rhythm, withdrawal and abstinence
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what do the Catholic Church think about contraception?
use of artificial contraception is sinful - sex was God-given to humans for reproduction. they accept some form of natural contraception so as to control the procreation of children.
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what do the Church of England think about contraception?
many feel that using contraception is the most sensible thing to do as it allows you to plan for your family.
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what is the commitment of a marriage?(L-O-V-E)
L- longlife commitment. O- obedience to God. V- vows to one another. E- extending the family.
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quote to support marriage?
"the two will become one flesh"
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Chrisian arguments for civil partnership?
reflects the biblical views/value of equality. reflects Gods desire to bless faithful lifelong marriages regardless of the sex of the couple.
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Christian arguments against civil partnership?
bible teaches marriage is a place for sexual relationships and the main role for sex is creating new life. undermines teaching that its best for children to be raised by their biological mother and father.
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church of Englands idea on divorce?
accepts divorce as a social necessity, but will not remarry divorced people unless the vicar agrees.
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Catholic Church's idea on divorce?
believes marriage is a sacrament and so cannot be dissolved. However they accept annulments. once an annulment has been granted by the Roman Catholic Church, it is as if the marriage never took place.
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when can annulment happen?
if it can be shown that the couple didnt fully understand what they were doing when they got married, one of the partners didnt give their full assent to the marriage or if one of the partners didnt intend to have children and the spous didnt know
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Baptists beliefs about animal testing?
they would be sympathetic to the use of animals in medical research but less enthusiastic about thier use in cosmetic production
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Roman Catholics beliefs about euthanasia?
totally against it. any act which deliberately brings out death is the same as murder. but it is also wrong to keep a patient alive at any cost. people should be allowed to die, but only when nature or God decides
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Baptists beliefs about euthanasia?
generally against euthanasia. all human life is sacred and worth preserving. they agree that when a person is brain dead and experts agree there is no other chance of recovery, then its acceptable to stop treatment & allow them to die naturally
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Roman Catholic Church's beliefs about abortion?
abortion is always wrong. life starts at conception. therefore abortion is murder. "human life is sacred"
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Church of Englands beliefs about abortion?
abortion is an evil to be avoided if possible but can be justified in 3 circumstances: risks mothers life, baby is likely to be deformed and mother cannot cope or because the mother was *****
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christian views for and against IVF and AI?
for: it can create loving families and God wants us to have children. Against: God chooses whether people have children or not.
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Roman Catholics Church's belief about fertility treatment?
IVF and AI are acceptable only if: no spare embryos are created, no third parties used and that is doesnt replace sex within a marriage.
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Methodist Church's belief about fertility treatment?
believes it is right for scientist to try to learn more about causes and cure for/of infertility and accepts using spar embryos in medical research.
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what do christians believe about surrogacy?
they believe it is wrong because it involves a third party and invites another person into their marriage.
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two names of christian charities?
christian aid & CAFOD
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what causes poverty?
natural disasters, unfair trade, lack of education, debt, poor heath care.
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what do church of england believe about poverty?
that is is their duty to defend the weak and do this by funding missionary organisations.
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what do the Catholic church believe about poverty?
Aims to show Christs love to all people, treating each person as if they were Jesus Christ themselves.
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what do Catholics believe about gambling?
it is wrong if it stops you taking on their responsibilities.
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what do the Church of England believe about gambling?
it is okay unless it becomes an addiction?
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types of moral occupations?
nurses, doctors, environmentalists, farmers
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christian views on wealth?
all we have comes from god. we are steward of the world and that God owns it and everything in it. money and wealth are no wrong but shouldnt be our only goal. money shouldnt replace God.
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reasons for just war?
good chance of success, good intentions, must be a just case, last resort, started by lawful authority in charge, actions must be in proportion
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aims of punishment?
retribution, protection, deterrence and reform
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what is retribution?
a way of making sure people, particularly victims, are able to see that the criminal has paid the price required for the crime.
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what is protection?
this is a security measure to make sure that the public are protected from criminals who may cause harm.
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what is deterrence?
this means that punishment should put people off committing crimes for fear of the consequences.
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what is reform?
a chance for the criminal to reflect on what they have done and to improve their behaviour.
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christian attitude towards war?
they dont believe war can be easily justified. they believe that the bible teaches them the need to aim for peace and to maintain justice but at times war is necessary.
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what do the Catholic church believe about war?
teaches that peace is possible and that christians have a duty to aim for peace in the world.
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christianity is the only true religion and they should convert others. only christians go to heaven.
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all religions help to find God and have some truth but only Christians will be saved.
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all religions lead to God so Christians shouldnt convert others.
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christian attitudes to equality?
we're all made in the image of god.jesus sacrificed his life for all people. jesus set the example of treating all people equally.
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what some christians believe about gender roles?
men and women are equal but have different roles in society and the church.
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types of media?
tv, photography, radio, newspaper, internet, books, magazines, films, music, social media
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why do christians use the media?
promote their religion, spread the message of jesus, quick way of reaching large numbers, increase the number of christians
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quotes for family?
"honour your father and your mother" "listen to your Father who gave you life and do not despise your mother when she is old"
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quotes for marriage?
"you shall not commit adultery" "so they are no longer two but one flesh"
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quotes for divorce?
"i hate divorce, says the lord" "man must not separate what god has joined together"
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quotes for sex?
"be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth" "flee from secual immorality"
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quotes against abortion?
"god made man in his image" "you yourselves are god temple" "before i formed you in the womb, i knew you"
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quotes for abortions?
"better off are those who have never been born, who have never seen the injustice that goes on in the world"
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quotes for suicide?
"you shall not kill"
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quotes for poverty?
"love thy neighbour" " he who is kind to the poor lends to the lord"
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quotes about gambling and wealth?
"for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" "you cannot serve both God and money"
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quotes for peace and justice?
"love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that they may be sons of your father in heaven" "blessed are the peacemakers" "righteousness and justice are central to God"
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quotes for equality?
"their is neither gew nor greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for we are all one in Jesus Christ"
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