English Of Mice and Men Quotations

Quote to show George uses imperatives to order Lennie around, quote to show George finds living with Lennie a challenge
'don't' 'Jesus Christ you're a crazy *******'
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Quotes to show Lennie compared to animals
'snorted' 'horse' 'paw'
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Quote to show Lennie tries to please George
'I tried honest...'
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Quotes from boss
'pretty nice fella' 'he wore high-heeled boots and spurs' 'say-what you sellin'?'
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Quotations which show foreshadowing
'He jus' wanted to touch that red dress' 'you always killed 'em'
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Quotations on lennies apparence
'his opposite' 'sloping shoulders' 'dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws'
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quotes to show lennie cares for george and see's him like a father figure
'you take a good big drink' ''imitated George exactly' 'look what I done' 'i tried not to forget' 'Like a dog who doesn't want to bring a ball to it's master'
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Quotes to show how dangerous Lennie is because of his strength
'flopping like a fish' 'his fist lost in Lennies paw'
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Quotes to show Lennies anger
'What you suppoin for' 'Make 'um stop George'
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Quotations on friendship
'I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you' 'maybe ever' body in the whole damn world is scared of eachother'
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Quotations on the American Dream
'liv off the fatta the lan'' 'Western magazines ranch men love to read. . .and society believe' 'this thing they had never really believed in was coming true' 'It's just in their head' 'I could of went with the shoes'
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Quotations on Crooks
'proud, aloof man' 'he kept his distance and demanded that other people kept theirs' 'If I say something, why it's just a ****** saying' 'conceal his pleasure' 'crooks had reduced himself to nothing ''You got George'
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What do the ranch workers call Curly's wife?
tramp, tart, *****, purty, *********, loo loo
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Quotations on Curley's wife's appearance
'red' 'full rouged lips'
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What does Curley's wife call the ranch workers? and her power
butterfingers, bindal stiffs, lousy old sheep, ******. 'I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain't even funny'
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Quotations to show how lonely Curley's wife is
'think I dont like to talk to somebody ever' once in a while' 'married two weeks and got the eye?'
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Quotations on Slim
'The prince of the ranch' 'his ear heard more then was said to him' 'The dirty little rat' 'regarded Lennie with horror'
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Quotations on Slim
'he wore high-heeled boots' 'hands closed into fits' 'like a terrier'
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Quotes on Candy
'round stick -like wrist, but no hand' 'thats the kinda guy he was - clean' 'he ain't no good to himself' LIKE DOG 'did not move nor answer him'
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Quotes on Carlson
'powerful' 'insisted' 'Lets get it over with' 'I'll shoot him for you' 'you ain't ebin' kind to him keeping him alive'
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Quotes on Migrant workers
'lonelist guys in the world' 'ain't got nothing to look ahead to' 'I never seen one guy take so much troube for another guy'
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Quotes on lonliness and isolation
'I ain't got no relatives nor nothing'
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Quotes on Georges apparence
'small and quick' 'restless eyes' 'every part of him was defined'
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Quotes to show George using imperatives and treating Lennie like an animal
'I gotta tell you again do i?' 'good boy' 'I ain't takin it away jus for meanness'
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Quotes to show Lennie compared to animals


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