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2. what is the calculating gravitational potential energy?

  • E=M times N time G
  • E=G time H times S
  • E=M times G times H
  • E=M time S times G

3. How is static electricity created?

  • When to material are rubbed together and they exchange electrons
  • When to material are rubbed together and they switch atomic masses

4. What is evaporation?

  • When water is turned into a gas
  • When water turns into plasma
  • When gas turns into water
  • When solid turns into a liquid

5. What does having a higher U-value mean for a insulator?

  • Its not a good insulator
  • it lasts longer
  • its a good insulator
  • it has a shorter usage time



It is good, but you need to check some spelling and grammar:) 

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