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1. What are Waves?

  • Waves transfer energy from a source without transporting matter
  • Waves are a measurement of sound
  • Waves transfer matter from a source without transporting energy
  • Waves are a certain type of electricity that emits abnormal amounts of radiation
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2. What is nuclear fission?

  • when a nuclear fission brakes down
  • When a large nucleus splits
  • When two nucleuses join together

3. What helps particles to evaporate at high altitudes?

  • low air pressure and no wind
  • High air pressure and no wind
  • Low air pressure and strong wind
  • high air pressure and strong winds

4. What is evaporation?

  • When solid turns into a liquid
  • When water is turned into a gas
  • When gas turns into water
  • When water turns into plasma

5. What is energy measured in?

  • Watts (w)
  • Joules (J)
  • Millimetres (mm)
  • Grams (g)




It is good, but you need to check some spelling and grammar:) 

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