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2. What happens to particles in a solid during conduction?

  • The particles vibrate more.
  • The particles stop vibrating.
  • The particles begin to vibrate.
  • The particles move closer together.

3. what is a nuclear fusion?

  • when a nucleus gets energy and expands
  • When two small nuclei join together
  • When a nuclei gains electricity
  • when a nucleus reaches 3000 degrees

4. What is evaporation?

  • When solid turns into a liquid
  • When water is turned into a gas
  • When gas turns into water
  • When water turns into plasma

5. What absorbs infrared radiation the best?

  • A shiny black object.
  • A shiny white object.
  • A matt black object.
  • A matt white object.



It is good, but you need to check some spelling and grammar:) 

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