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what is electrolysis?
the splitting up of elements in a compund using electricity.
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what is a cathode?
the negative electrode, attracted to cations.
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what is an anode?
the positive electrode. attracted to anions.
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what is an anion?
a negatively charged ion, attracted to the anode
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what is a cation
a positively charged ion, attracted to the cathode
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why are the cations attracted to cathode?
they have opposite charges so their electrostatic forces attract
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what does OIL RIG stand for?
Oxidation is LOSS, Reduction is Gain
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what is lost in oxidation
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what is gained in reduction?
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what is an electrolyte?
a liquid used to conduct electricity. this can be molten, or a solution
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where do the impurities from electrolysis form?
underneath the positive electron. can be valuable
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what products are formed by the electrolysis of Sodium cholride solution?
hydrogen, chlorine, sodium hydroxide
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what are these products useful for?
Chlorine - production of bleach and plastics. sodium hydroxide - strong alkali, used widely in the chemical industry. eg. soap
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what is electrolysis used for?
extracting metals from their ore . eg - aliminium ore
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what is cryolite used for?
to lower the temperature & costs of extracting
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what is electroplating?
coating the surfaces of one metal with another one using electrolysis
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what is a use of electroplating?
silver onto a brass cup so it looks nicer
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what is a difference between electrolysis and electroplating?
you use the item you want to electroplate as the negative electrode and the pure metal would be the positive electrode.
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why might you use electroplating?
either for decorative purposes like coating a cup in silver, or for conductivity, metals like copper which are good conductors are often used to plate metals for electronic circuits.
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what is a cathode?


the negative electrode, attracted to cations.

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what is an anode?


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what is an anion?


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what is a cation


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