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2. 66 obese PP were assigned to either a diet, exercise or control group - ate more in the diet group

  • Gibson and Wardle
  • Wardle and Beales
  • Herman and Mack
  • Herman and Polivy

3. Who found that those who had chemotherapy developed an aversion to a novel icecream they tried?

  • Garcia
  • Bernstein & Webster
  • Sandall & Breslin
  • Hoek

4. Who found those with history of AN scored high on the perfectionism scale

  • Castro-Fornielles
  • Halmi
  • Bailer
  • Hoek

5. Who found that there was high levels of perfectionism in 73% girls and 50% boys with AN

  • Strober
  • Kaye
  • Halmi
  • Becker


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