Drainage Basin & Hydrological Cycle

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1. What is a drainage basin?

  • The area of land drained by a river and all of it's tributaries.
  • The downslope movement of water over the surface of the land and into the river channel.
  • Where a rive begins
  • The change of state from water vapour, to a liquid when cooled.
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2. The area of highland forming the edge of a river basin

  • Channel Flow
  • Precipitation
  • Watershed
  • Meander

3. Ground water flow

  • The movement of water beneath the soil towards a river or the sea.
  • The gradual movement of water through the soil and into the ground below.
  • The movement of water within the river channel.
  • A bend in the river channel

4. And finally, what is Transpiration?

  • The downslope movement of water over the surface of the land towards the river channel.
  • The return of water to the atmosphere by plants.
  • The section of carved land into the landscape through which a river flows.
  • Water falling, under gravity, from the sky; there are 4 different forms of this, snow, hail, rain and sleet.

5. What is the term for the exact point at which 2 rivers meet?

  • Mouth
  • Watershed
  • Confluence
  • Source




This is a test for those on the topic of the hydrological cycle and the drainage basin

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