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Spanish GCSE - Unit 8 - La Salud

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You should(n't)
(No) deberías...
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get in shape
ponerte en forma
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To lose weight/slim down, you should...
Para perder peso/adelgazar, deberías...
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To be in shape, you should...
Para estar en forma, deberías...
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To lead a healthier life, you should...
Para llevar una vida más sana, deberías...
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To not be tired, you should
Para no estar cansado/a, deberías...
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To feel better, you should...
Para sentirte mejor, deberías...
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In your place, I...
Yo, en tu lugar,...
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I would(n't) change my lifestyle
(no) cambiaría mi estilo de vida
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I would drink more/less...
bebería más/menos...
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I would eat more/less...
comería más/menos...
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I would buy sugar-free sweets
compraría caramelos sin azúcar
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I would start to do/practise/play...
empezaría a hacer/practicar/jugar...
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I would do more sport
haría más deporte
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I would try to eat/do
intentaría comer/hacer
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Okay. You're right.
Vale. Tienes razón.
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In the future...
En el futuro...
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I will drink
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I will change
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I will eat
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I will buy
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I will begin
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I will do
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I will try
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ponerte en forma


get in shape

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Para perder peso/adelgazar, deberías...


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Para estar en forma, deberías...


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Ms Casas


Fantastic set of flashcards containing a great variety of complex structures and sophisticated expressions to help you to make plans to have a healthy life in the future. Most of the cards show great examples of how to use the conditional tense to suggest healthy habits or activities, and also the future tense to agree on what you will do to be healthy in the future. 

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