Disruption of Attachment

  • Short Term 
  • Long Term
  • Peremnant
  • Reactions to seperation 
  • Robertson & bowlby
  • long term disruption 
  • factors that effect the reaction to seperation
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1. what was the aim of Robertson & Bowlby's experiment in 1952?

  • to see how cross cultural variations in attachment can show us how different cultures bring up children
  • to identify the short term effects of separation from a caregiver on young children
  • to identify attachment types
  • to identify how children form attachments to their caregivers
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2. Robertson & Bowlby's study is

  • limited
  • invalid
  • amazing
  • interesting

3. what was observed by Robertson & Bowlby to asses the effects of separation on the children?

  • social changes
  • behavioural and emotional reactions
  • how engaged the child was
  • physical and psychological reactions

4. name two self comforting activities

  • sleeping, stroking a dog
  • watching TV, cooking
  • rocking, thumb sucking
  • yelling, throwing a slipper at the wall

5. Name the 3 stages of behavioural and emotional effects that Robertson & Bowlby found

  • thumb sucking, rocking, sleeping
  • protest, despair, detachment
  • crying, anger, fear
  • silence, sadness, withdrawal


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