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2. What does PLC stand for?

  • Parents Law Control
  • Programmable Logical Control
  • Programmable Logic Controller
  • Picture Logical Control

3. What is meant by a sole trader?

  • A sole trader is a person who does not like to open their own business.
  • A sole trader is someone who has multiple businesses that they created with a partner.
  • A sole trader is a person who is the exclusive owner of a business.
  • A sole trader is one person who has got a business partner.

4. What is a franchise?

  • A franchise is an authorisation granted by a company to an individual to help to get into the world of business.
  • A franchise is a big company that has stolen another companies ideas.
  • A franchise is a person looking to open a business quite quickly.
  • A franchise is a small shop in the outskirts of a city.

5. What is a partnership?

  • A partnership is a woman who has a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • A partnership is one single person who creates a business on their own.
  • A partnership is an association of two or more people as partners.
  • A partnership is someone who steals a business along with someone else.


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