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what is marriage?
marriage is the legal joining of two people,for life, to the exclusion of all others. There are two types: Chrsitian/religious marriage and civil marriage.
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what is divorce?
the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body OR the legal and final end or seperation of a marriage
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what is annulment?
what Roman Catholics allow instead of divorce, if the marriage was never legal in the first place e.g. one person was mentally incapacitated, was forced or the couple has not consummated yet (not had sex)
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what is homosexuality?
the state of beign sexually attracted to members of the same sex
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what is abortion?
the deliberate termination of a preganancy to destroy the foetus.
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what is euthanasia?
A greek word meaning a 'good' or 'easy' death.
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what is suicide?
The act of a person consciosly and deliberately taking of their own life
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what does infertile mean?
the inability to conceive a child naturally
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what is genetic enginerring?
the alternating of the structure of genetic material in a living organism
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what are the aims of punishment?
protection, retribution, deterance, reform, vindication
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what is the aim of deterance?
To put off a criminal from re-offending
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what is the aim of reform?
to help the criminal become a better person so they do not re-offend
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what is vindication?
by punishing a criminal,society feels vindicated ( a sense of justice)
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what is retribution?
the punishment fits the crime so that society feels a sense of revenge
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examples of what makes people criminals?
boredom, metal state, up bringing, lock of moral values, poverty, thril of not being caught
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is crime always wrong?
NO if they law is unfair it is okay to break it e.g. Martin Luther King brock the law to achieve equlaity to differant races.
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what is capital punishment?
the ultimate punsihment, the death penalty
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methods of capital punishment
lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, electric chair, crucifixion, the guillotine
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teachings for capital punishment
"an eye for an eye", "whoever sheds the blood of men, by man shall his blood be shed"
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reasons against capital punishment
jesus' teaching of forgivness and the christian concept of AGAPE-loving the unloveable
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teachings against capital punishment
"thou shall not kill" "turn the other cheek"
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reasons to go to war
to stop mass murder, to gain money/power, protect family,remove a lead/dictator etc
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what is a pacifist?
someone who is against ALL violence during war or to defend yourself
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Acceptable reaons to go to war?
to stop mass murder, remove dictator, protection, allies, defned equality, beliefs
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what are weapons of mass destruction?
weapons that can kill large numbers of people at once e.g nuclear weapons
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what is social injustice?
where some people have fewer right and privilages in society then others.
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what is sexism?
the believe or attitude that one gender or sex is less valuable then the other
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what is ageism?
discrimination against people becuase they are no longer youngchr
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christian teaching on prejudice and discrimination
"do unto others what you would have them do unto you" -Matthew 7:12 "God created man in his own image. He creaed male and famale-Geneis 1;27 "Love one another" -John 13:34
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what do exclusivists believe?
only christianity is true; all others are false "my religion is the only true religion" believe that only Christians will go to heaven
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what do inclusivists believe?(inclusivism)
all religion contains partial truth but one contains it all"there is truth in all religions but Christianity is the whole truth"
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what is Pluralism?
The believe that there are many paths to God, they point out that all religions have ideas in common, the love for God and other people
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what is divorce?


the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body OR the legal and final end or seperation of a marriage

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what is annulment?


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what is homosexuality?


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