controlling conditions and plant growth

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define internal environment
the conditions inside the body
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define homeostasis
the maintenance of constant internal body conditions
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the concentration of urine produced by your kidneys is controlled by...
nerves and hormones
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deep core temperature of humans
37c at this temp your enzymes work best
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cooling down
sweat, blood vessles dilate
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warming up
shiver, hairs stand on end to trap air and create a insulating layer
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one your body temperature drops below 35c
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when your body temp rises above 40-42c and your enzymes don't work properly, could lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion
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concentration of blood sugar
this is kept constant by hormones made in your pancreas to provide the body with a constant supply of energy
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seed growth
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anchor and keep stable
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define photosynthesis
the process by which plants make food using carbon dioxide, water and light energy
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define phototropism
the response of a plant to light controlled by auxin
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define gravitropism
the response of a plant to the force of gravity controlled by auxin
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this results in a unequal growth rate and the shoot or root bending due to an uneven distribution of the hormone. The side in which there is more auxin in a shoot, there is a higher growth rate. The side with less auxin in a root has a slower growth
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plant hormones
used to manages plant growth and produce better crops
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cuttings and root forming
cuttings are taken to produce many identical plants and small amounts of powder is placed on the end to stimulate the growth of new roots
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high doses of plant hormones
weeds are broad leaved plants which absorb a lot of hormone weed killer they go into rapid uncontrolled growth and die. Narrow leaved plants e.g grasses and cereal are not effected
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the maintenance of constant internal body conditions


define homeostasis

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nerves and hormones


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37c at this temp your enzymes work best


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sweat, blood vessles dilate


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