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What does PC stand for?
Personal Computer
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What is the computer system made of?
Input ---> process ---> output
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What is a system?
A system is a collection of parts that work together for a common purpose
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Dedicated vs General Systems
Dedicated systems have a fixed purpose - General can be used for different reasons
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What do we use computer systems for?
Home Entertainment and Communications, Commerce and Business, Medical Systems, Education and School, Embedded Systems
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What are embedded systems?
Embedded systems are where a computer processor is integrated into a device for automatic control purposes Software that is programmed to carry out a number of dedicated functions
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What is a kernel?
“The lowest level of an operating system that controls the hardware” The kernel is a piece of software between the hardware and software (application programs) that allows them to communicate (almost like translation)
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Where is a kernel?
A kernel is in:- process management, memory management, device management
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Why are computer systems important?
Many computers systems do important jobs Safety Business Travel Government it is important that the computers can be trusted to do the job they are designed for
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What does Reliability mean?
Reliability is the ability of the computer system to perform the required functions without failure. It is important, therefore, that both the components are high quality and tested thoroughly Also that it is designed correctly
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What does Robust mean?
Robustness is the ability of a computer system to continue to operate normally even when the wrong input is given Testing and verification/validation techniques can help prevent this
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Why do we need to ensure computer systems are both?
Computer systems must tested to make sure they are both reliable and robust so that they do not fail OR prevent the correct outcome E.g. medical equipment in surgery or a customer paying
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What are standards?
Standards mean a set of rules that manufacturers follow when they make hardware or software
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Why are standards needed?
They are needed so that hardware (printers etc..) and software (ie Microsoft Word) will work with any computer
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What are the four different types of standards?
Proprietary standards, Industry, De Facto, Open
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What is the computer system made of?


Input ---> process ---> output

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What is a system?


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Dedicated vs General Systems


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What do we use computer systems for?


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