Common Law and Equity

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1. "Common law is..."

  • "the same law that has been used for centuries"
  • "passed by judges, and is common throughout the country"
  • "amended by Parliament who then send the laws to Magistrates"
  • "used in every common magistrate court in Britain"
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2. What does the Chancellor control?

  • The Monarch's laws
  • Equity and Equitable Remedies
  • The Court of Chancery
  • Parliamentary Law

3. Common Law began with what?

  • Curia Regis
  • The Introduction of Magistrates Courts
  • The Magna Carta
  • The Reformation of the Churches

4. What was John Selden's famous quote?

  • "Delay defeats equity"
  • "Equity varies with the length of the Chancellor's foot"
  • "He who comes to equity must come with clean hands"
  • "The Chancellor is the Keeper of the King's Conscience"

5. State the order of the courts (senior-lower courts)

  • Supreme - Old Bailey - Crown - Magistrates
  • Supreme - Crown - Old Bailey - Magistrates
  • Crown - Supreme - Magistrates - Old Bailey
  • Magistrates - Old Bailey - Crown - Supreme


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