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2. How many are estimated to die in pyroclaustic flows?

  • 57,000
  • 5,700
  • 570,000
  • 75,000

3. What is the minimum amount of debris a volcano must release to be classed as a super volcano?

  • 100,000km^3
  • 1,000km^3
  • 10,000km^3
  • 100km^3

4. What is the name of the depression which locates the collapsed magma chamber?

  • Caldera
  • Hot Spot
  • Fissures
  • Geyser

5. What are the dimensions?

  • 40km long, 40km wide, 8km deep
  • 80km long, 40km wide, 8km deep
  • 40km long, 80km wide, 8km deep
  • 80km long, 80km wide, 40km deep


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