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2. Why are elements in the same period together?

  • Because they have the same atomic number.
  • Because their electrons occupy the same number of shells.
  • Because they have the same number of electrons on their outer shell.

3. What are isotopes?

  • Elements with the same number of outer electron shells.
  • Elements with the same atomic number but different mass numbers.
  • Elements with the same mass numbers but different atomic numbers.

4. Why is an atom neutral?

  • Because there is an equal number of protons and electrons which balances the number of positive and negative charges.
  • Because there are more neutrons than protons and electrons so there is a stronger neutral charges.
  • Because there are only neutrons in the nucleus which is the heaviest part meaning the overall charge is neutral.

5. What makes up the nucleus of an atom?

  • Protons and neutrons.
  • Neutrons and electrons.
  • Electrons and Protons.


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