C15 Analysis

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1. How do you test for sulfate ions?

  • Goes black under a bunsen flame
  • Add bromine water and if it does not change colour
  • Add dilute hydrochloric acid and barium chloride solution to see if white precipitate is formed
  • If it fizzes in the hydrochloric acid
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2. What are miscible liquids?

  • Liquids that dissolve in each other and do not form separate layers
  • Liquids that possess solid and liquid properties
  • Liquids that do not take the shape of a container
  • Liquids that can be compressed

3. What is crystallisation used for?

  • Separate an insoluble substance from the solvent
  • To make pretty crystals for displays
  • Separate a dissolved solid from a solution
  • Separate miscible liquids

4. What colour does calcium go in a flame test?

  • Crimson
  • Purple
  • Brick red
  • Apple green

5. Which ions all form white precipitates when in hydroxide form?

  • Iron, zinc and copper
  • Aluminium, magnesium and calcium
  • Aluminium, calcium and potassium
  • Magnesium, barium and sodium


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