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2. How do you work out which substance is which from a chromatogram?

  • Add bromine water and measure
  • Compare with chromatograms of unknown substances and use the periodic table
  • Compare with other chromatograms of known substances taken at the same temperature with the same solvent
  • Use a pH meter

3. Give two ways to test for positive ions

  • Barium chloride and bromine water
  • Flame test or with sodium hydroxide solution
  • Flame test or with bromine water
  • Barium chloride and sodium hydroxide solution

4. How do you test for carbonate ions?

  • Add hydrochloric acid to see if it fizzes, it if does test the gas with limewater to see if it goes cloudy
  • Bromine water will go clear
  • Add hydrochloric acid and it will fizz
  • Add barium chloride to see if white precipitate is formed

5. How can you distinguish between magnesium and calcium precipitates?

  • Add water and if it turns green it is calcium
  • Add bromine water, the one that dissolves is calcium
  • Flame test
  • Set fire to it and which one fizzes is magnesium


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