C15 Analysis

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1. How can you record retention times?

  • A magnetic current detector that attaches to individual molecules
  • The individual compounds travel at different speeds through the column and it records how much left the column in how long
  • An electric current detector that attaches to individual molecules
  • Add methane to the column and see how fast they leave the column
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2. What is the molecular ion peak?

  • Describes the reactivity of that compound
  • Shows the relative molecular mass of a substance where the individual compound with a large peak corresponds to an ion with one electron removed
  • Shows the atomic number of one of the elements
  • Shows the atomic number in a compound

3. How can you then identify compounds?

  • Put it through an electric current to see its electrical conductivity
  • Heat it to see its boiling point
  • Compare to results for known compounds
  • A bromine water and see what colour it turns

4. Where is the molecular ion peak found?

  • Tallest peak
  • Furthest peak on the left of the mass spectrum
  • Furthest peak on the right of the mass spectrum
  • Central peak

5. What is filtration used for?

  • Separate an insoluble substance from a solvent with soluble substances in
  • Separate miscible substances
  • Separate a dissolved substance from the solvent
  • Chemically combine two compounds


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