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1. What does paper chromatography analyse?

  • The artificial colours in food or dyes in inks
  • The thermal conductivity of paper
  • Dyes in inks
  • Artificial colours in foods
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2. How can you distinguish between magnesium and calcium precipitates?

  • Add bromine water, the one that dissolves is calcium
  • Set fire to it and which one fizzes is magnesium
  • Flame test
  • Add water and if it turns green it is calcium

3. How can you record retention times?

  • Add methane to the column and see how fast they leave the column
  • An electric current detector that attaches to individual molecules
  • The individual compounds travel at different speeds through the column and it records how much left the column in how long
  • A magnetic current detector that attaches to individual molecules

4. What is a mixture?

  • 2 or more elements or compounds not chemically bonded together
  • 2 or more elements or compounds chemically bonded together
  • A group of substances with the same general formula
  • A homologous series

5. What colour is the iron(III) hydroxide precipitate?

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green


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