C15 Analysis

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1. How does a mass spectrometer work?

  • Matches the compounds against the mass spectra of known substances
  • Generates electric current
  • Injects bromine water into the compound
  • Weighs the individual molecules
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2. What colour is the precipitate of bromide ions?

  • Yellow
  • Cream
  • Orange
  • White

3. What are some disadvantages of using modern instrumental methods?

  • Training needed, time consuming, results can only be interpreted by comparison
  • Expensive, special training needed, results can only be interpreted by comparison of data
  • Expensive, takes a long time, training needed
  • Slow, noisy and expensive

4. Give some benefits of modern instrumental methods

  • Cheaper, more sensitive and tiny samples can be tested
  • Quicker, more sensitive, more accurate, tiny samples can be tested
  • More sensitive, more accurate
  • Cheaper, tiny samples can be tested

5. What colour does lithium go in the flame test?

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Crimson
  • Lilac


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