C15 Analysis

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1. Why do colours move different distances in chromatography?

  • Depending on their solubility
  • Depending on their colour
  • Depending on their flammability
  • Depending on their viscosity
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2. Give some benefits of modern instrumental methods

  • More sensitive, more accurate
  • Quicker, more sensitive, more accurate, tiny samples can be tested
  • Cheaper, tiny samples can be tested
  • Cheaper, more sensitive and tiny samples can be tested

3. What colour is the precipitate of iodide ions?

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Cream
  • White

4. How do you test for carbonate ions?

  • Add hydrochloric acid to see if it fizzes, it if does test the gas with limewater to see if it goes cloudy
  • Bromine water will go clear
  • Add hydrochloric acid and it will fizz
  • Add barium chloride to see if white precipitate is formed

5. What is the molecular ion peak?

  • Shows the relative molecular mass of a substance where the individual compound with a large peak corresponds to an ion with one electron removed
  • Describes the reactivity of that compound
  • Shows the atomic number in a compound
  • Shows the atomic number of one of the elements


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