Unit 1 B1

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1. What does the grasping reflex do?

  • Babies grasp tightly around objects
  • Hold objects tightly
  • Causes babies to curl their fingers tightly around any object placed in thier palm
  • Babies curl thier fingers tightly around objects
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2. What is the definition of development?

  • Learning new skills and knowledge
  • Complex changes involving learning new skills, knowledge and abilities e.g. able to count, read & write and handle own feelings
  • Complex changes that happen during puberty
  • Able to count, read and write

3. What is the role of a health visitor?

  • Ask the mother about her health and wellbeing
  • Measure the baby's height and weight
  • Carry out measurements and plot the results on a growth chart
  • Record the results in the red book

4. What fine motor skill does a 5 year old develop?

  • Draw detailed pictures
  • Tying thier own shoelaces
  • Dress and undress on thier own including tying their own shoelaces
  • Dress and undress

5. What gross motor skill does a three year old develop?

  • Use a tricycle and balance on one foot
  • Use pedals to ride a tricycle, run and balance on one foot for one second
  • Ride a bike and balance on one foot
  • Hop on each foot seperately


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