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2. What is 'Cognitive Control?'

  • the way in which we decide who to interact with
  • the ability to make conscious decisions about how we behave to thers
  • the ability to suppress innappropriate thoughts/actions in favour of appropriate ones
  • the trait of having high self control

3. What were the two categories the participants were put into after their marshmallow test when they were four?

  • High delayers, Low delayers
  • Go, No go
  • Aggressive, Non-aggressive
  • High control, Low control

4. What was the percentage of false responses to 'no go tasks' in the hot trials in experiment 1 for high and low delayers respectively?

  • 10.9%, 20.9%
  • 10.9%, 14.5%
  • 23.3%, 33.3%
  • 14.5%, 10.9%

5. What was a major weakness of the study?

  • Responses to the go/no go tasks did not reflect normal social responses to facial expressions
  • The reserch was socially sensitive towards low delayers
  • fMRIs are very expensive and time-consuming to carry out
  • Casey was decietful


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