Biology UNIT 5

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what attaches Muscle to Bone
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What do Ligaments do?
Joins bones to bones, gives stability to joints,
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what do nerves do?
Stimulate and coordinate muscle contraction.
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What are ligaments?
Tough elastic tissue that surrouds the joint for support and limits movement.
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what does antagonistic muscle pairs mean?
Muscles that work in pairs with actions opposing each other
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the muscle that bends the joint is called the..?
FLEXOR muscle
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The muscle that straightens the joint is the..?
EXTENSOR muscle.
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what is a cruciate ligament?
2 ligaments that cross behind the knee cap, holds bones together.
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what are the gaps called between schwann cells?
Nodes of Ranvier
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what is the resting potential of a nerve membrane?
-70 mv
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Factors affecting speed of nerve transmission?
-Diameter of axon. -Myelin Sheath
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what happens at +40mv
-Sodium Channels Close. -Potassium Channels open.
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Which way do nerve impulses flow?
Away from the cell body.
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which side of a nerve membrane is more postive?
The outside of the axon.
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what do dendrons do?
Recieves stimulu or neurotransmitters from other cells and carries it towards the cell body.
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What happens during Vasodilation?
Blood vessles near skin get wider allowing more blood to flow near the surface and lose heat, cooling you down.
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Why do we need to regulate internal body temperature?
To provide the optimum conditions for enzyme catalysed reactions to be carried out.
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main idea of an ABSOLUTIST?
they take an unwavering moral position. 2 completely opposite attitudes. either NEVER under any circumstances, or ALWAYS accpetable.
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Idea of a RELATIVE
They recogniser that there are exceptions to circumstances and that not everyone has the same view.
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what does the Performance enhancing drug Beta 2 antagonists do?
Dilate airways, so more oxygen.
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what do narcotic analgesics do?
pain killers which mask injury and pain.
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what do anabolic steroids do?
Are synthetic male hormones which promote muscle growth allowing training with less fatigue and increased aggression.
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what is gene doping?
Attempt to chamnge genetic makeup of cells to enhance athletic performance.
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What do Ligaments do?


Joins bones to bones, gives stability to joints,

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what do nerves do?


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What are ligaments?


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what does antagonistic muscle pairs mean?


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