Biology Cells

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Nucleus function
controls what cell does
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cell membrane function
controls what goes in and out of the cell
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cell wall funtion
gives cell strength and shape
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mitochondria functions
gives cell energy and where respiration occurs
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chloroplasts function
for photosynthesis
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what does cytoplasm do
supports organelles
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what does the cell wall contain
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what is an autotroph
can make their own food
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name levels of classification
kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus,species
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what is classification
sortin living things into groups based on similar characteristics
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does red blood cell have a nucleous?
no because it produce hemoglobin
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function of neurone
sends electrical impulses
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root hair cells function
absorbs waters and minerals irons from soil
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root hair cell adaptations
large vacuole so increases surface ara for water to move in cell
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what does a guard cell do
allows carbon dioxide to leaf/ controls gas exchange
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what happens in a gurd cell?
opens and closes the stomata when plants has lots of water, turgid, stomata pens gases exchange for photosynthesis when stomata closes (flaccid so short of water
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cell membrane function


controls what goes in and out of the cell

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cell wall funtion


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mitochondria functions


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chloroplasts function


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