biology b1a b1b gcse quiz

a quiz that will hopefully help revise these topics. contains : nervous system, reflexes, hormones, the menstrual cycle, homeostasis, drugs, genes, chromosomes, DNA, cloning, genetic engineering and evolution :)

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1. a reflex reaction is something that?

  • doesn't use the nervous system
  • doesn't use the brain
  • doesn't use the spine
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2. if you touch something hot and a reflex reaction takes place what is the first neurone to be affected?

  • relay neurone
  • sensory neurone
  • motor neurone

3. which gland produces insulin?

  • gall bladder
  • pituitary
  • pancreas
  • ovary

4. how are hormones transported around the body?

  • circulatory system
  • digestive system
  • nervous system
  • muscular system

5. in what order in the menstrual cycle are these hormones released?

  • Oestrogen-FSH-LH
  • Oestrogen-LH-FSH
  • FSH-Oestragen-LH
  • LH-Oestrogen-FSh




you are well cool

Ryan Skeels


No 13 is kinda incorrect because that's not quite how it works



Ryan Skeels wrote:

No 13 is kinda incorrect because that's not quite how it works

 ikr? The question isn't worded very well either :/

but thank you fo rthe quiz!:)

just revising for tuesdayD:



Thanks!!!! :) Good quiz, but yeah number 11 was a sheep.... but overall nice work ;) (don't ask why my writing is blue/green whatever it is, i have no clue)

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