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True or False?
The hormones FSH,LH,oestrogen and progesterone an be used to artificially change how fertile a woman is (True)
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The first version of the pill was made in?
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The first version of the pill conatined hgh levels of...?
Oestrogen and progesterone
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What are the pros of the pill?
1) The pill is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy 2)It reduces the chance of getting some types of cancer
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What are the cons of the pill?
1)It isn't 100% effective so there is still a very slight chance of becoming pregnant 2)It can cause side effects like headaches, nausea, irregular menstrual bleeding and fluid retention 3)It doesn't protect against STD's
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How can the chances of becoming pregnant be increased?
Some woman have low levels of FSH so their eggs can't mature. The can have an injection of FSH or LH to increase the chances
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What are the pros and cons of having these injections?
Pros - It helps women to become pregnant. Cons - It doesn't always work and is expensive if done more and too many eggs to be stimulated so could result in unexpected multiple births.
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What does IVF stand for?
IN vitro fertilisation
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What is the process of IVF?
Collecting eggs from a woman's ovaries and fertilizing them in a lab using the man's sperm. Then they are grown into embryo's. Once the embryo's are tiny balls of cells one or two are transferred into the woman's uterus to have a chance at pregnancy.
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What is Auxin?
Auxin is a plant hormone that controls the growth near the tips of shoots and roots.
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What does in control in the plants response to light,gravity and moisture?
It controls the growth of the plant in response to light (phototropism),gravity (gravitropism) and moisture
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Shoots grow towards light. Explain.
When a shoot tip is exposed to light, more auxin accumulates on the side that's in the shade than the side that's in the light. This makes the cells grow (elongate) faster on the side so the shoot bends towards light.
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Shoots grow away from gravity. Explain.
When a shoot is growing sideways, gravity produces an unequal distribution of auxin in the tip with more auxin on the lower side.This causes the shoot to grow faster on the bottom so it grows upwards.
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Roots grow towards gravity. Explain.
A root growing sideways will also have more auxin on the lower side. But in a root the extra auxin inhibits growth. This means the top will elongate faster and the roots bend downwards.
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Roots grow towards moisture. Explain.
An uneven amount of moisture either side of a root produces more auxin on the side with more moisture. This inhibits growth on that side causing the root to bend in that direction, towards the moisture.
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What do drugs do to your body?
They interfere with the chemical reactions in your body that can be better or worse for your body.
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What 3 types of drugs are there?
Medicinal, recreational or performance enhancing
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What do medicinal drugs do?
Medicinal drugs are medically useful, like antibiotics so they cure you of illness and prevent pain
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What do recreational drugs do?
Recreational drugs are used for fun and can be legal or illegal.
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What do performance enhancing drugs do?
Performance enhancing drugs can improve a person's performance in sport (physically)
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2 arguments against drugs
1)Its unfair if people gain advantage by taking drugs, not just through training. 2)Athletes may not be fully aware of the serious health risks of the drugs they take.
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2 arguments for drugs
1)Athletes have the right to make their own decision whether taking drugs is worth the risk or not 2)Drug free sport isn't really fair anyway and people have access to different training equipment and coaches.
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How are medicinal drugs tested?
They are firstly tested on human cells and tissues in the lab. The next step is to test on live animals to see if it works or not. The next step would to test on human volunteers. First of healthy volunteers and then on people that have it.
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Illegal drugs are put into two main classes. What are they?
Soft and hard?
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True of False
Some sclerosis sufferers say that cannabis can relieve pain (True)
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What effects does smoking have?
Smoking causes disease of the heart,blood vessels and lungs. Tobacco can also cause cancer. Nicotine in cigarettes is addictive so its hard to stop smoking.
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What effects does alcohol have?
Alcohol affects the nervous system and slows the body's reactions. Can cause liver disease and brain damage. Alcohol is also addictive.
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What does too much alcohol lead to ?
Impaired judgement, poor coordination and unconsciousness
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True or False?
Tobacco and alcohol have a bigger impact in the UK than illegal drugs as so many people take them.
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What four bodily levels need to be controlled?
Ion content, water content, sugar content and temperature
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